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Antibodies to HIV 1/2 + HIV1 p24 antigen

53 zł
Readiness of result: from 1 day
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Teleconsultation with a doctor
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150 zł89 zł More
Nelya Muzychuk
Nelya Muzychuk
General practitioners, therapist
How to prepare for testing?
You can drink clean still water
You can drink clean still water
Do not eat for 2-3 hours before the study
Do not eat for 2-3 hours before the study
Why this test?

To diagnose HIV at an early stage.


In what cases is it prescribed?
  • In case of persistent symptoms (for 2-3 weeks) of unclear etiology
  • In case of relapse of herpes infection, viral hepatitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis
  • If the patient used drugs by injection, using non-sterile instruments. In case of unprotected sex with a partner who has an unclear HIV status. When planning pregnancy
  • Also, the doctor may prescribe the test in the following cases: enlarged lymph nodes in more than two areas; leukopenia with lymphopenia; night sweats; sudden weight loss for no reason; diarrhea for more than three weeks for no reason; fever of unknown cause; preoperative preparation, hospitalization.


Testing information

HIV 1/2 total antibodies is a test used to diagnose HIV at an early stage. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) - a virus of the retrovirus family that infects cells of the human immune system (CD4, T-helper cells). The period of acute HIV infection occurs on average 2-4 weeks after infection and lasts approximately 2-3 weeks. The source of the immunodeficiency virus is human. Ways of infection transmission: sexual; blood transfusion; from an infected mother to a newborn

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