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Giardia (lamblia), IgM antibodies

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How to prepare for testing?
You can drink clean still water
You can drink clean still water
Do not smoke for 30 minutes before the study
Do not smoke for 30 minutes before the study
Why this test?

The test is used as an auxiliary method of diagnosis of giardiasis in case of doubtful or negative results of stool studies, but in the presence of clinical manifestations of the disease.
Allows to determine the acute phase of giardiasis.

In what cases is it prescribed?

When diagnosing giardiasis - as an additional research method, to determine the current acute phase of the disease, if there are difficulties in making the diagnosis.

With negative results of stool tests, but the presence of a clinical picture of giardiasis.

Test information

This is an immunoenzymatic analysis of human blood serum for the presence of class M antibodies to Giardia intestinalis, the causative agent of giardia intestinalis.

Class M immunoglobulins to the causative agent of giardiasis (intestinal giardia) are specific protein molecules (antibodies) produced by the cells of the human immune system in response to foreign proteins of intestinal giardia membranes (antigens) in the first or second week of the disease. 

These antibodies bind to giardia antigens and trigger an immune response cascade aimed at their destruction.

The detection of these antibodies in the patient's blood allows us to state with great confidence that he has an acute phase of giardiasis. However, the absence of antibodies does not exclude the disease.

It should be noted that the study only detects the presence or absence of immunoglobulins of class M to the causative agent of giardiasis in the patient's blood - quantitative determination is not carried out.

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