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Mycoplasma hominis, IgA antibodies

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Why this test? 

To confirm current or past infection caused by Mycoplasma hominis. 

For differential diagnosis of mycoplasma infection and other infectious diseases of the genitourinary tract, for example, caused by chlamydia or trichomonads.

For the diagnosis of mycoplasma infection in chronic inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary tract. When planning a pregnancy to rule out Mycoplasma hominis infection.

In what cases is it prescribed? 

With symptoms of a current or chronic disease caused by mycoplasma: itching, burning, pain in the urethra during urination, frequent urges to urinate, discharge from the genital tract, discomfort in the genital tract and / or lower abdomen, pain during sexual intercourse. 

If a chronic or persistent form of Mycoplasma hominis infection is suspected, which can be the cause of infertility, pregnancy pathologies.

Test information 

Mycoplasma hominis belong to the class of mycoplasmas, occupying an intermediate position between viruses, bacteria and protozoa. They parasitize cell membranes and are conditionally pathogenic microorganisms (in certain quantities they are part of the normal microflora of the mucous membranes of the genitourinary tract). When the number of mycoplasmas increases, inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary tract may develop. Mycoplasma infections of the genitourinary system currently occupy a leading place among sexually transmitted infections. They are often combined with gonococci, ureaplasmas, trichomonads, and chlamydia. The source of infection is both patients and carriers, infection occurs sexually. 

The infection can proceed latently, and then, under the influence of various factors (changes in the hormonal background, concomitant infections, decreased immunity), turn into an acute, chronic or recurrent form. Symptoms are different. In most cases, in men, the disease occurs in the form of urethritis, prostatitis and is manifested by itching, burning, frequent urges to urinate and pain during urination in the urethra, in women - in the form of vaginitis, cervicitis and is accompanied by discharge from the genital tract, discomfort, itching, burning in the area of the genital tract and/or the lower abdomen, pain during intercourse.

Long-term chronic infection with Mycoplasma hominis can cause infertility, miscarriage and premature birth. Infection from mother to fetus through the placenta or during childbirth is possible. In these cases, infection in newborns can manifest as meningitis, respiratory infections, or septicemia. In response to Mycoplasma hominis infection, the immune system produces specific immunoglobulins: IgA, IgM, and IgG. The production of IgG does not begin immediately, approximately 2-4 weeks after infection, but they persist for a long period (in the chronic form - for years).

The detection of IgG indicates an acute or transferred disease in the past or a picture of chronic inflammation. IgA, which protects mucous membranes, is one of the first to be produced. IgA is preserved for a long period, while mycoplasma is present (for years in the case of a chronic course). The concentration of IgA directly depends on the severity of the inflammatory process. The detection of IgA to Mycoplasma hominis in the blood indicates an acute disease, a chronic or persistent form of infection.

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